It’s time we the independents start taking back our country. We Independents average almost 40% of registered voters. Yet many lean to the 2 main political parties for a variety of reasons. I want to be the voice across th8s nation for independent voters and candidates. Y9u can find specifics on my page called platform. Let it be known we a Constitutionalist. We belive in the foundation of our Country as described in the bill of rights and the Declaration of Independence. We believe in smaller government that states should be in contr9l of themselves which includes lands and people. We have allowed to much power to the federal government which was never the intentions of the founding fathers.

I look towards 2024 and running for U.S. Senate to replace Rick Scott. I will need help collecting signatures so my name can be on the ballot. We see millions have lost faith in the 2 parties they seem to never get anything substantial done. We have heard the promise of fixing infrastructure, Healthcare, immigration, fixing our tax code and more for years. Yet here we are multiple administrations later and nothing has been done. This is our opportunity to change how our government works by changing who represents us.

We are the son’s and daughters of those that stood for freedom. we are the people that legally came to America to escape injustice, tyranny, rule by government overreach. We are Americans. Together we make this country great and together we ensure it stays that way.

Today Americans look at our country and wonder what’s happen to our basic principles. We see the problems, we know what needs to be done. We have heard for years from the predominant political parties on how they are going to fix it. Yet nothing ever really changes. We watch as criminal and unconstitutional activities continues and yet no one is held accountable.

This is where we change it. It is time to stop looking at party as the answer. We should no longer look to elect people by their party. We should look to candidates for their platform, what they stand for what are their morals and values also what are their goals for a better America. We need regular Americans that hold the basic principals of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence as their guiding principals.

I am and have always been an independent with the same core values of my father and my fathers father. I believe a handshake can tell you alot about a person. I believe you need to look me in the eye when we speak. I believe everyone in America has the ability to do what ever they want, be whatever they want as long as it doesn’t infringe on my rights or freedoms.

We must overcome these attacks that divide us. They are intentionally done. Keeping half the country fighting against the other half distracts the people from what our government is doing. We must work together if we want the country to survive and thrive.

The definition of insanity by many is; Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

The Constitution is absolute. Many are attacking it or trying to modify it. I proudly stand for the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence. These documents set the foundation of our Country and are absolute.

we must work in every State to ensure we have the people capable of working together to fix America’s problems.

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Government of the people, by the people, for the people. – Abraham Lincoln

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