We believe the American government has failed the people. We believe the government should be run the way it was originally intended. By the people, for the people and OF THE PEOPLE.

Our founding fathers warned us about the dangers of politicians.

In a letter from John Adams to Johnathan Jackson in 1780, he states “There is nothing I dread so much as a division

We see the 2 party system has failed us. It locks us into a battle which divides us.

We recommend selecting people from the voter rolls, jury duty rolls or people enter their names into a lottery if they meet minimum reqs like having to live in the district or state for X number of years, have voted for those years, need a HS diploma, & pass a reading comprehension tests. A firm belief in the Consitution and the Bill of Rights.

They serve 4 years either state or federal

People in Congress and Senate should be paid by the states which they represent. (This would be instead of federal monies.) The state would supply healthcare also.

They would serve 4 years and go home

This transition to a new structure will take some time. Meanwhile there are some changes we can begin sooner:

  1. Term limits
  2. Eliminate lobbyists and special interest groups and their strong influence and control over our elected officials.
We can do better America

Our history is complicated and at times ugly, acknowledging this doesn’t mean we don’t love America but rather we love her despite her flaws and b/c of that love, we must strive to do better in the future and not repeat our mistakes. Only by doing this are we paying homage to our flag and showing true Patriotism…

Grant B. Tower

“The People” need to take back control of this Government

When we are at our best & are constantly trying to form a more perfect Union through respect and compassion for all Americans – our flag is the symbol of hope & freedom