Below you will find my platform. If you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

America’s needs;

  1. Make America energy independent once again.
  2. Bring back line item veto to the President.
  3. Any bill introduced it must be able to stand on its own. (No more pork!)
  4. States should be responsible for those sent to Washington. All Congress and Senate representatives; Pay, Healthcare, Retirement package, housing stipen.


Our children go to learn reading, science, history and math. They shouldn’t be learning how to hide from an active shooters. They shouldn’t be learning a teacher’s political views or their sexual preferences. Parents are legally responsible for a child until that child is old enough to make decisions on their own which by law is 18 years old in many states 21 in others. Let’s stop with the political games used by both parties. Get rid of the idiotic “gun free zones”. Allow teachers and staff the ability to be trained in the use of firearms, if they desire. Allow schools the right to hire security, if they feel the need. Let’s secure our schools for the future, together.


We fought a revolution against what was an unfair taxation by government. In many states people are feeling the same thing all over again. We need to look at reducing taxes, reducing government spending and making a fair tax code all can agree on. We can look at the fair tax proposal and the flat tax proposal. This must be decided by the people. We can change our current taxation so everyone doesn’t feel this government is burdening us with over-taxation.

Term Limits

We must have term limits for all elected positions. We need to institute “term limits” for all elected officials. These positions were never meant to be a career. The country was founded on the principal that it was supppose to be run “by the people, for the people and especially of the people.”


It’s firmly believed that we have a proper way for people wanting to immigrate to the United States. We are a nation built on law and order. This mass immigration influx is a slap in the face to those that are going through the proper channel to immigrate to the United States. Many say we need to fix our immigration policies. Let’s look at the possibilities and ideas. What we are seeing isn’t working.

  1. anchor babies
  2. illegal immigration beliefs that do not align with America and her principals.

We must finish building the wall at our southern border to ensure our borders are secured. We need to support our Border Patrol and ICE agencies. Just like there limited entry points (i.e. doors) on your house we need to apply the same principle to our borders.


There must be a cooperation between the states and the federal government to fix and repair our roads, bridges and highways. We have seen through multiple administrations the talk of fixing our infrastructure but nothing substantial has been done.

We also need to look at the beginning of a new era in transportation. There are builders and developers working on flying vehicles that can potentially relieve our problems with traffic. We must set up some type of standard so we aren’t caught of gaurd.