Edward A. Gray for Senate

I have sat back and watched our country go through some very tumultuous times. All I could do was vote in hopes that there would be the change that was promised. Right now, I believe our country is in trouble.

I’m running because I promise to deliver on the promise of change. I’m not going to Washington to make it a career. I want to change how Washington works. I’m tired of seeing the problems that arise because of political squabbles and differences. To me neither party works in the interests of the people, They work in the interests of themselves. To think we are suppose to celebrate when they reach across the isle is ludicrous, they should always work together and do what is best for the people and our country.

This is how we take back America


My Platform

Below you will find my platform. If you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to ask

Make America Engergy independent once again.

Bring back line item veto to the President.

The idea that many in Washington tack on their special or personal projects is another slap in the face to Americans. Anything proposed should be able to stand on its own.

Sending money overseas

We have had well over 2 yrs of this country slowly slipping into a recession. People are out of work, drawing from unemployment or getting government checks to help make it through these hard times. Somehow those in Washington think the need of other countries outweighs the need of Americans.

Secure our schools

Our children go to learn, reading, writing and arithmetic. They shouldn’t be learning how to hide from active shooters. They shouldn’t be learning teachers political views or being taught that there is more than 2 genders. Parents are legally responsible for a child until that child is old enough to make decisions on their own. Let’s stop with the political games used by both parties. Get rid of the idiotic “gun free zones” allow teachers and staff that want to be trained in the use of firearms. Allow schools the right to hire security if they feel the need. Secure our schools for the future.


We fought a revolution against what many felt was an unfair taxation by England. In many states people are feeling the same thing all over again. We need to look at reducing taxes, reducing government spending and making a fair tax code all can agree on.

term limits

We need to institute term limits for all positions. These positions were never meant to be a career


It’s firmly believed that we have a proper way of people immigrating to the United States. Those Illegally crossing the border in hopes that they come to America and be taken care of need to realize nothing in life is free. This administration is giving money, cell phones and sending them all over the country we need to push to stop this. This mass immigration influx is a slap in the face to those that are going through the proper channel to emigrate to the United States .

We must stop;

anchor babies

illegal immigration

beliefs that do not align with America and her principals.

We must finish building the wall at our southern border and ensure our borders are secured. We need to support Border Patrol and ICE


There must be a cooperation between the states and the federal government to fix and repair our roads, bridges and highways. We have seen through too many administration’s the talk but nothing has been done.


We must responsibly explore all avenues of producing energy. To help with our environment is important. We must find better alternatives before we move away from the standard. The discussion should go back to nuclear power plants as one option. We believe to try and completly cut off a nation reliant oil and gas is not irresponsible.

Health Care

This should be a discussion with the medical community. Having a “for profit” company or companies in charge of health care isn’t the answer. All Americans especially those in the medical fields should work together and come up with alternatives.


Our military is there to protect the country. They are to be trained to defend or be on the offense when needed. We should take care of those that have given a promise and we as a nation should show our appreciation.

The Constitution is absolute. We have had so many attacking it or trying to modify it they continually try to dilute it. I proudly stand for the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence these documents set the foundation of our Country.


  1. I’m 63 and see our lives had some similarities. We should chat sometime.

  2. Where do you stand on building a wall at the southern border and the January 6th defendants?

    1. We need to finish the Wall and make our borders secure. The Americans in jail are being used as pawns. No one in DC has asked why are so many Americans pissed off.

  3. We’re a gaggle of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community.
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  4. Hi new to FL and need info on my options for voting in Davenport, FL 33837.
    I was VERY involved in helping elect people in NC and other states when I was honorable discharged from the army in 1976.
    I also was an elected official in CT back in the day…
    Worked polls in NC
    Thank u

    1. I’m not familiar enough with davenport. We are always looking for those that can spread the word. I would qsk you take a moment and look at the Edward for Senate page. This is how together we take back our country.

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