Minor Parties

We Independents have a unique opportunity to change the American political landscape. At this point in history Independents and no party affiliation citizens are equal to either of the major parties. The separation of Independent voters by groups such as Constitutionalist, American Independents, libertarians and many other faction groups of Independents make it hard have a viable representative for larger campaigns.

I propose we the minor parties work together. We all have the same basic stance and desire when it comes to politics. If we could coordinate candidates that represent each individual group. So other groups can learn the candidate and explore their individual platform.

The idea being, if a group, or minor party, or even an independent individual is running for an office. Whether its local, state, or even federal, the candidate is shared throughout the parties. This way all members in all the groups can get an opportunity to see and cast a vote for and independent.

In the chance or possibility parties have a candidate that other parties have candidates for, we set up a debate. Using some type of platform where the debate can be heard and or watched by everyone.

With this in mind people can choose a candidate best suited for the position. Therefore if all the individual minor party constituents voted for said candidate. We, the independents, would have a very good chance of winning that seat.

let’s break this down into simpler terms. Let’s say a minor party has a candidate running for a local election such as a school board or a city council member. How would other independents that belong to other minor parties know about said candidate? If they were to wait until election day and look for a candidate listed as an independent that certainly is one way. What I’m proposing is that candidates for any position that are independent should be able to allow other minor party Independence know about their platform and their stance so that they could gain the votes of all independence.

now in the event that a couple of the minor parties have candidates running for the same position. Then it would behoove those minor parties to put together a debate whether it be online or face to face. That way the independent voters would have an opportunity to see their platforms and their desires and make an informed Choice from that point, without losing favor of their individual party.

we the independent voters have a unique opportunity to change the political landscape by working together. Whether it’s local state or federal. There are enough Independence around this country that are equal to either Republicans Or democrats. Thus people no longer would have to choose from the lesser of two evils. This would give independent voters a voice and the ability to change the Stranglehold that the two-party system has on American politics.