There are those around the world pushing an all out war on fossil fuels. IMHO we must have a viable and dependable replacement before we take an entire country much less the world off its existing dependence on fossil fuels.

one of the many alternatives is looking into carbon capture plants. They hold the promise of pulling as much carbon from the air as 40,000 trees.

A well versed person has brought to my attention there can be even more done with carbon dioxide if we could pull it out of the atmosphere. The ability to use it as a raw material for chemical reactions. Thus being able to produce graphene. Below find the link to the study by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and there ability to produce graphene from carbon dioxide.

I was also provided with information as to the many uses of graphene. The university of Manchester has done a informative job of the uses of graphene.

Thank you to Michael DeMarco Capone for sharing these with me.

With an interseting update on future development.

To meet that need, scientists at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have cleared a new milestone in their efforts to make carbon capture more affordable and widespread.

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