We have a plan before during and after. We need Patriots that see the problem, know what needs to be done and will join us.


    1. We are a growing movement looking to share our vision with all Americans. We see the problems and want to fix them. Our great country believes in it’s people, we need people that believe in our country. Share our website and our vision for a government that is run by the people as originally intended.

  1. Our country is in grave danger due to corrupt politicians. I have registered as Republican but do not consider myself one. I am going to go to independent. I an American not a party. I’m an American who is proud of flag my country. I support veterans, police, law an order. I believe in term limits for all elected positions from state to federal. All great civilizations fall, just look to the past. I will never give up on what our forefathers created. I really think that politicians need to be accountable for their actions, but we the people need to be accountable as well. When we fall for the lying of the media, the cheating of political parties we are no longer a critical thinker we become accomplice to the corruption. We are fast approaching a time of reckoning and it will not be pretty.

    1. We agree our country has become corrupt in all levels. It’s time for a change. We can work together to take it back. Please help spread the word. Keep in contact and know there are millions just like you

  2. I just discovered this site! I am the daughter of a Vietnam veteran and a life-long patriot. We are witnessing the systematic destruction of this Constitutional Republic at the hands of a corrupt government. I want desperately to be a part of saving this nation, but what can an average citizen like me do? I fear that if we don’t erase party lines and come together as “One nation under God”, we will lose the most powerful, beautiful country the world has ever seen. Do you have any practical advice for me and American patriots like me? I am ready and willing to do whatever I can to support and promote The American Patriot Movement. Thank you.

  3. Patriotism is best learned from the colonist’s from Massachusetts from 1620-1775 those people made a place worth defending against oppression, Massachusetts was different than the other 12 Colonies because of it’s Charter Between The Massachusetts Bay and the King which gave them much freedom already and for years before Lexington! I am related to 13 members of Captain Parker’s Militia of Lexington Massachusetts in 1775 and of them 9 answered the call to duty that fateful April morning 2 of them paid the ultimate sacrifice that day, for an Idea they would never get to realize. The Patriotism on that day was the Colonist’s response to what happened at the Birthplace of Liberty and the mighty British Marines, Redcoats or as people from Massachusetts have always called them LobsterBack’s I would be honored to help you inspire if you would like.

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