We are the backbone of this country. We are the law abiding, tax paying citizens that keep this country moving. We are the son’s and daughters of those that fought wars to ensure America stayed free from tyranny, oppression, dictators, government overreach. Yet here we are looking at a government that has gotten out of control in many people’s minds.

We watch as they try to rewrite history, tear down statues change names that offend some and wonder if it will stop. We watch as they infiltrate our government and start putting out rules and laws which go against the very Constitution. We will not sit down, we will not comply, we will not go quietly.

The Constitution specifically states we The people have the right to keep and bear arms. The government over the years has try to restrict and redefine that right, we dont agree. What can we do? Lock up your homes, turn off all utilities. Bring what you can, food, money gas, etc. We start in June. We must unite now before we lose everything. From every state in the USA we come, we are the law abiding hard working men and women of this country and we are tired of whats going on with our own government. We are not trying to provoke but we will protect our own. We will need box trucks, supplies, land to stop on along the way, we will set up Donation site for those wanting to help monetarily. We will need medical supplies, food supplies, ammunition and anything else to be able to maintain our progress. Suggestions are always welcome. We will need people for everything from helping drive vehicles to forward recon to find the next campsite. We need people with medical experience to those able to build and maintain our movement. We need everyone even if you can’t movement you can be of help in many ways. We must come together and show this government we “The People” do not approve of what is happening and will do whatever it takes to change it. For to long we have watched the lack of leadership, the inequality of justice. We are not militia or any type of organization, we are Americans. We will have only the American flag, we will not wear anything that might portray us as anything but Americans. If your are tired of hearing something is going to happen, waiting for someone else to do something. We all know its up to us to change this and together we will. Our destination will be Fredericksburg, Va. We stop at towns and cities along the way showing others we are true to our country. That we wont allow it to continue down this path. Share with your family and friends. Together we are the power.

We’re done. We are done with the direction this country is heading. We are done with the current administration. We want change and will come together in Fredericksburg Va and make our voice as one nation heard throughout the land. We begin in June. Close up your home, your apartment what ever you live in and be ready to travel. Material things can be regained, if we dont stand together now we will be losing everything including our freedom. There will be others that will join. We are not protesting, we are not rioting, we are done and will come together until change is done.

They shut us down in the false name of science, now its our turn. We will shut this country down and take back our freedoms. To help spread our message. I. June close all bank accounts and withdraw all your money. This will start a domino effect in the financial system. In June from the northwestern states. Find the easiest and best route to put you in fredricksburg, Va. There will be others along the way wanting to join. Families, young and old all are Americans. Find those people as you go, check with the homless, the former military that feel lost, help them to come with us. As you move along signs will be up of those that support us and offer a place to camp, supplies whatever they can do to help, many will join, farmers and ranchers need to stay in place. They can support us by sending food and supplies. By the middle of June those in the Central part of the country should be getting ready to join. They will have helped those from the west through and have closed and and ready to go. There will be many places on the way offering help to keep going be courteous and thankful. There will be people along the way that will try and hamper or stop the movement, do not let them interfere. By the end of June we should all be in Fredericksburg Virginia. We will make our voice heard, we will make the 4th of July our Independence Day once again.

To those that have been training with others in case of an invasion. In case of the need to protect and defend. To be prepared to be ready to defend the Constitution and the laws laid out in the “Bill of Rights”. We ask that you safeguard these people, we ask you parallel them ensure they’re safety protect them as they make their journey across this country to the destination. This is where we all can stand together.

  • We want to see these changes
    • We want a new Presidential election
    • Get rid of vote counting machines
    • Close the southern border
    • End the Patriot Act
    • Restore Americans rights and freedoms
    • Remove all laws that contradict the Constitution
  • Allow our country to utilize our resources ( oil and minerals)

We are not the problem, we are the solution.

We are not promoting these groups only providing information about them. These groups are looking to help people train and work as a team.

To contact The American Patriot Movement you can email here; [email protected]

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  1. We the People need to take back AMERICA it is not going to happen with these criminal Politicians and our Government is destroying AMERICA We must stop these Immigrants and ship them all back one way or another

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